Not an Emperor, Just a Bastard

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  1. Troy says:

    Trump’s not the problem per se, he’s only selling the conservative hardline message that attracts so many in this country.

    Well, not all that many, only ~25% of the electorate, but that’s enough.

    Nixon had that approval rating when leaving office, and GWB’s nadir as both his Iraq adventure and the Bush Economy souffled in mid-2008 wasn’t all that higher.

    The problem is not the 25% of the hard right’s base, it’s the other 25%+ they can swing to their side on election day.

    At any rate, good luck keeping your sanity tracking the next 4 years — it’s going to be much, much worse than 2001-2004, lemme tell you.

    The rich have made immense gains since 2001 and they’re going to try to lock them in now.

    btw, this:

    looked relevant to you, actually.

    You kept a running list of all the BS of the Bush years, I kept a folder of screenshots.

    Guess I’ll start it with this:

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