The Democratic Tea Party

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5 Responses

  1. Troy says:

    I’m pretty lefty-liberal but I don’t think would work at all, not right now.

    The core problem is a stellar candidate like Russ Feingold couldn’t win in this environment.

    There’s just too much bullshit out there now, people live in alternate realities now.

    So much of this country is still culturally conservative, and while young millenials are more liberal now they too will get more conservative over this decade and next, as they approach the median voter age of 36.8 . . .

    The liberal left’s defense of abortion rights and racial minorities push so many millions of center-right folks into the GOP’s arms.

    Economically, we’re also kinda conservative (viz. Upton Sinclair’s 1934 run for governor of California).

    FDR won in ’32 and ’36, but it was only WW2 arriving in 1939 that saved him and the Democrats from the electorate’s general desire for centrist Republican governance, or lack thereof.

    The right has immense powers of character assassination — one thing you being in Japan missed that I saw this summer, was the weekly cover stories of the National Enquirer just sliming Hillary from every direction (the owner is a friend of Trump’s).

    So many millions just want to get along with their masters, not get into fights with them — they’d rather kick downwards than punch up.

    Over 2/3s the country doesn’t believe in natural selection / evolution:

    Economically, most of the country is doing OK so doesn’t want any redistribution, none of that “Hope and Change” crap. The rich should be rich and the poor should be poor, if not poorer.

    People would rather live in pleasant bullshit fantasies than face any unpleasant realities about anything.

    • Luis says:

      I sincerely believe Bernie could have won; he had two major points in his favor: he spoke to the fears of the working stiffs being shafted, and he was a decent, authentic man with true conviction—and without scandal. People ignored Trump’s horrific policy proposals, why is there this idea that they would have gone haywire of Sanders’ Democratic Socialist ones?

      Yes, Bernie was dismissed by the media… but very much because Hillary had it tied up long before he got there. He proved that you could make a huge difference, with an enormous following, even with radical ideas, by being true and authentic.

      We need more like him. We could definitely win with more like him.

      • Troy says:

        without scandal

        he was pretty “Anti-American” in the 80s, and while Hillary didn’t bring that up the Republicans and their media assets would have.

        McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Hillary — it’s so easy for the GOP to smear “decent”, thoughtful candidates.

        The swing voter doesn’t do nuance all that well.

  2. Matthew says:

    the left needs new blood who can speak in a new language. For example- as father with two kids i am 100 against abortion. But that doesn’t mean i want abortion illegal. Look how well the criminalization of anything has gone. There are ways to practically eliminate abortion but not by talking in the pro–life/choice way. The language needs to change.

    • Luis says:

      That’s the liberal mantra: Abortion should be safe, legal—and rare. Few if any actually want abortion. I personally see it as not a matter of privacy, but one of belief.

      I would be happy if all the money and effort spent on anti-abortion movements were instead spent on offering women with unwanted pregnancies a safe harbor for bringing their child to term: free medical treatment, free education and vocational training, and a free choice of whether to keep or to put up for adoption.

      The general conservative pro-life response is, “But so many women would take advantage of that!!!”

      And wouldn’t that be a wonderful problem to have?

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