This Is War

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3 Responses

  1. Troy says:

    the conflict is by design.

    Trump’s shenanigans sucked all the oxygen out of the room of all those shitty GOP debates, same plan here.

    The press gets to cover what it likes to cover most, itself, while the business of destroying the current socio-political order is attended to with perhaps a short mention on page A9.

  2. Troy says:


    hahah. As Trump himself said, the Bush admin intentionally lied to get us into Iraq in 2003.

    Only thing that’s going stop this GOP-run train is the midterms, and futile bodies-upon-the-gears protests until then.

    • Luis says:

      This is the problem with impeachment, or any kind of oversight: if a party is openly hostile to investigating it’s own members, if they use oversight chiefly as a political weapon, and if the opposition is so spineless that, even when in power, they refuse to investigate a president for clearly impeachable offenses, then oversight is pretty much a joke.

      Republicans in Congress have made no secret of the fact that they will resist investigating Trump for no other reason than that he is a member of their party, and investigating him would not be in their interests.

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