Fascism for Dummies

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  1. Troy says:

    Good point about BLM not fighting for anything that takes anything away from me.

    Their fight is not my fight in that I don’t have anything to directly gain when after win their demands, but I support them nonetheless, as we need more harmony in this society and the way the police run their operations is harmful to that.

    We shouldn’t need a ‘thin blue line’ to keep this society in order, that we think we do points at larger, systematic socio-economic problems, largely centered around the rich getting richer at the poors’ direct expense (poor people make all the wealth in this country, since work is what makes wealth — money is just a claimcheck on wealth).

    As for ‘both sides’


    talks about the paradox of tolerance.

    When dailykos added user accounts in 2003, for some reason I picked this tagline:

    “The only thing I can’t tolerate is intolerance…”

    I didn’t know my Popper then but the paradox was apparent then.

    Tolerance is a peace treaty in our civitas:


  2. Troy says:

    been a crazy 7 months but somehow predictably unpredictable — wheels have certainly fallen off this administration.

    they have been maximally evil in every direction they’ve pushed, but thus far have not been able to accomplish much, and everywhere they’ve gone and everything they’ve done is sowing their own seeds of destruction.

    Democrat didn’t have to win PA #18 special election this week, so close. I do have a weird faith in our democracy, that the electorate WILL come together and cut the crap when things get bad enough.

    GOP is cruising for a historical bruising this fall.

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