Fascism for Dummies

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  1. Troy says:

    Good point about BLM not fighting for anything that takes anything away from me.

    Their fight is not my fight in that I don’t have anything to directly gain when after win their demands, but I support them nonetheless, as we need more harmony in this society and the way the police run their operations is harmful to that.

    We shouldn’t need a ‘thin blue line’ to keep this society in order, that we think we do points at larger, systematic socio-economic problems, largely centered around the rich getting richer at the poors’ direct expense (poor people make all the wealth in this country, since work is what makes wealth — money is just a claimcheck on wealth).

    As for ‘both sides’


    talks about the paradox of tolerance.

    When dailykos added user accounts in 2003, for some reason I picked this tagline:

    “The only thing I can’t tolerate is intolerance…”

    I didn’t know my Popper then but the paradox was apparent then.

    Tolerance is a peace treaty in our civitas:


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