Author: Luis


Republican Election Fraud

Republicans win by fraud.

Think about it: of the last 8 times a Republican won election or re-election to the presidency, 6 of them were won with fraud. That’s 5 of the last 6 elected Republican presidents. And that’s only what we know of—we didn’t find out about Nixon and Vietnam until recently, and there may be a lot more.   See more


Truth Has a Liberal Bias

The Columbia Journalism Review has just published a thorough study of media polarization. The takeaway: conservatives are more polarized than liberals.

Not that this should be a surprise to anyone who has paid attention, but it does show up one of the most pervasive false equivalencies of recent times: that liberals and conservatives are equally partisan, and each shares the blame for the current political divide.   See more


Let’s Kill 464,000 Americans to Cut Taxes for the Rich

The Republican “health care” plan would cut $880 billion from health care for the poorest Americans, destroy coverage for 24 million Americans, savagely cost people in their 50s and 60’s thousands of dollars a year extra in premiums, and save only $34 billion a year from the budget… while giving rich people a $600 billion tax cut. But hey, look at the bright side: only 464,000 poor and middle class Americans would die in the next 10 years. This is how Republicans define “Health Care.”   See more


The Trump Chronicles: Week Two

Remember Trump’s second week in office? It all seems so nostalgic. He banned Muslims, deleted Jews from the Holocaust, put a white nationalist on the National Security Council, sent a Navy SEAL to die in Yemen, kept calling CNN and the NY Times “Fake News,” fired the Attorney General for not defending an illegal order, claimed that 3-5 million people voted illegally, nominated Neil Gorsuch to be his Apprentice (or something), encouraged Republicans to go nuclear, thought that Frederick Douglass was maybe alive (or something), said he’d bring politics back into churches, and threatened to invade Mexico. But don’t worry: he may have been kidding on that last one.   See more


GOP Fakes Threat, Hides from Voters, Is Shamed by Gabby Giffords

Ever since Republican members of Congress met with angry opposition at town halls from their constituents on issues like the Affordable Care Act, many have cowardly fled from meeting the people they represent face-to-face, opting for more controlled circumstances such as video conferencing instead.

Worse, they cite the threat of bodily harm as a reason—using as an excuse an incident in California where constituents bearing Valentine’s Day cards are transformed into a violent gang of paid mercenary thugs who delight in cracking old women on the head and knocking them unconscious.

And no, I’m not making that up.   See more


This Is War

The Trump administration today took a drastic and alarming new tack when it barred CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and several other major media outlets, with which Trump is openly hostile, from attending a White House press briefing.

With this act, Trump has crossed a line that could arguably be called one of several red flags demonstrating true dictatorial behavior.   See more


Congressional Democrats Are Spineless Idiots

It needs to be said. Democrats in Congress, especially in the Senate, are spineless idiots who couldn’t maneuver their way out of a paper bag.

Why do I say so? Because they’re going to let Gorsuch be the next Supreme Court justice. But this stupidity isn’t recent. It’s at least eight years old.   See more


How to Make Numbers Lie: 14 Million Democrats Did Not “Leave the Party”

There is a meme going around discussions amongst liberals lately: 14 million people have left the Democratic Party since the nomination of Hillary Clinton. It is chiefly being used by those who want to split off and form a new party, feeling that the DNC is so corrupt as to be absolutely irredeemable.

Is the number real? And where did it come from?

The answers to those questions are, “No,” and, “From someone’s ass.”   See more


Yes, There Is a Difference.

Trump’s defenders, and some media organizations, are claiming that there is little difference between Obama and Trump on the matter of issuing executive orders and presidential memoranda, based solely on the number that each president issued.

That’s a straw-man argument. There are three commanding reasons why Trump and Republicans are acting like power-grabbing hypocrites.   See more


The Trump Chronicles: Week One

Starting now, I am documenting, week by week, all of the highlights of the Trump presidency. Today is for Trump’s first week only, and from my experience wallowing in this bizarre depth of insanity, I can say that this job is a filthy one indeed. I feel like I need a shower.

I think you’ll find it a harrowing walk down memory lane—bizarrely, so many of these events, just a few weeks old, seem to have happened ages ago.   Read the Highlights of Trump’s First Week in Office.