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The Trump Chronicles: Week Two

Remember Trump’s second week in office? It all seems so nostalgic. He banned Muslims, deleted Jews from the Holocaust, put a white nationalist on the National Security Council, sent a Navy SEAL to die in Yemen, kept calling CNN and the NY Times “Fake News,” fired the Attorney General for not defending an illegal order, claimed that 3-5 million people voted illegally, nominated Neil Gorsuch to be his Apprentice (or something), encouraged Republicans to go nuclear, thought that Frederick Douglass was maybe alive (or something), said he’d bring politics back into churches, and threatened to invade Mexico. But don’t worry: he may have been kidding on that last one.   See more


The Trump Chronicles: Week One

Starting now, I am documenting, week by week, all of the highlights of the Trump presidency. Today is for Trump’s first week only, and from my experience wallowing in this bizarre depth of insanity, I can say that this job is a filthy one indeed. I feel like I need a shower.

I think you’ll find it a harrowing walk down memory lane—bizarrely, so many of these events, just a few weeks old, seem to have happened ages ago.   Read the Highlights of Trump’s First Week in Office.