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GOP Fakes Threat, Hides from Voters, Is Shamed by Gabby Giffords

Ever since Republican members of Congress met with angry opposition at town halls from their constituents on issues like the Affordable Care Act, many have cowardly fled from meeting the people they represent face-to-face, opting for more controlled circumstances such as video conferencing instead.

Worse, they cite the threat of bodily harm as a reason—using as an excuse an incident in California where constituents bearing Valentine’s Day cards are transformed into a violent gang of paid mercenary thugs who delight in cracking old women on the head and knocking them unconscious.

And no, I’m not making that up.   See more


The Slow-Burning Fire

Many people are worrying about an impending coup. If you have been having that feeling, then it’s time to re-orient yourself.

The coup is already happening; in fact, it started a few decades ago, and has been moving along like a slow-burning Reichstag fire. Trump may simply be hurrying its pace somewhat, making the mythical frog in boiling water a little more aware of what’s happening. But the point that many are missing is that Trump is not the threat; he’s trying to ride the threat, but the real danger is the ongoing conservative redefinition of our country.   See more