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The Unbearable Hypocrisy of Self-Pleased Liars

September 22nd, 2015

SmugpatakiI swear to God, if I hear one more conservative say about the Iraq War, “Oh, you mean the war that Hillary voted for?” and then wear a smug expression like they just won the argument, I am going to lose it. Any person using that particular fraudulent contention deserves a righteous smack in the face.

That statement is the pat conservative response whenever someone points out that it was conservatives who led us to the war, who caused it in the first place—usually after a conservative has blamed Obama for ISIL and the current situation in Iraq. Often John Kerry is cited along with Hillary, depending on the focus of the lie.

The use of Clinton’s vote as some kind of magical Get Out of Jail Free card to absolve conservatives for their criminally devastating actions is nothing less than a facile, asinine, deceptive, self-serving fraud which deserves to be shouted down with not just scorn but scathing fury at the smug dismissal of their complicity in manufacturing a war that has so savagely devastated our nation and laid waste to what little stability there was in the Middle East.

Here are the facts:

  • Were Bush not in office, Democrats never would have chosen to go to war in Iraq—not even a hawk like Hillary would have led us to a war there.
  • Neither Clinton nor Kerry voted to start the war, but insisted that before a war could be waged, conditions would have to be met—conditions which would have prevented the war from starting had the Bush administration not rushed into war, or would have made the war far less a disaster than it was.
  • The Iraq Resolution to grant war powers was presented as a means to negotiation—you can’t negotiate strongly if you don’t have authorization to go to war—and the Bush administration swore up and down that the war powers would be used only as a last resort after every other recourse was exhausted; Bush said, “Approving this resolution does not mean that military action is imminent or unavoidable.”
  • The primary reason why Clinton, Kerry, and many others believed Hussein had WMD and was a building threat was precisely because we were all working from information from the intelligence community, which was being manipulated by the Bush administration to provide a patently false view of the potential and imminent threat from Iraq.
  • Weapons inspectors, despite some difficulties, were making a great deal of headway and were being effective in finding and arranging for dismantling of what little Iraq had left in the way of WMD support equipment; ignoring this progress and the pleas of the weapons inspectors as well as international voices of restraint, Bush ordered the inspectors out and started the war in violation of his own promise and of the conditions under which Clinton and Kerry gave their approval.
  • Even if Clinton and Kerry had been both virulently pro-war, it would not in the least negate the fact that the Bush administration and Republicans in general were the instigators of the war, and responsible for the disastrously incompetent manner in which it was executed.

So, what is the glibly fatuous assertion supposed to mean? That because Clinton, under the huge political duress of the post-9/11 atmosphere of fear, made a self-serving political calculation and demanded full inspections and international cooperation, that Bush was therefore not responsible for providing the false intelligence which prompted that view and intentionally driving us into the war?

Or that the conservatives who helped drive us into the war are free of guilt because people like Clinton didn’t try hard enough to stop them?

Not to mention: Hillary Clinton has long since publicly announced that her decision was wrong; neither Bush has done so.

Cheney, Bush, and Republicans wanted that war to happen, made that war happen, and executed it disastrously, and bear the primary and overwhelming responsibility for the war and what followed it, and anyone who still supports that war shares that guilt in how it will warp our future actions.

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  1. Troy
    September 28th, 2015 at 14:04 | #1

    Conservatism is bullshit all the way down so this particular example of the distortions they serve themselves with should not work you up so much.

  2. Troy
    September 28th, 2015 at 14:29 | #2

    In other news I finally broke down and got an iPhone, after 8 long years of waiting, and waiting.

    What really pushed me out of the iPod Touch camp was mainly T-mobile’s $3/mo voice-only no-data plan, previously with iPhones you were kinda committed to either no cellular plan (making the device into a glorified iPod Touch at 2X the price) or paying hundreds a year for unneeded phone service.

    $3/mo is cheaper than my el cheapo Virgin Mobile plan ($20 every 3 months) so I’ll be saving money there. (T-mobile offers 1-day data for $5 and 1 week data for $10, so if I need data, I can pay for it a la carte)

    The 6S of course is a pretty good evolution from the 6 — to see one is to want one. 2X the RAM, and the 3D touch thing is pretty cool.

    As a programmer I think it’s very useful, right now the touch sensor ranges from 0 to 6.666 on a moderately hard push (it’s calibrated pretty much perfectly).

    Got it in one of these:


    and I feel pretty chuffed carrying it around . . . plan was to replace my wallet and flip phone with just this, but I may not do that since carrying around an $800 device every day seems pretty risky and unnecessary. If I were in Tokyo carrying this around would be a no-brainer of course, but I got this more to program than use as a pocket computer.

    Microsoft got to be the biggest tech company in 1999 not by making the best products, but being best at leveraging its serial monopolies in the 80s and 90s.

    Apple got to be #1, and is heading for a trillion-dollar valuation, by owning portable computing the hard way, by innovation. I’ve been an Apple fan since the //c came out, even worked for them in a previous life, and the iPhone 6S is such a statement of what technology, and Chinese manufacturing prowess, can be.

    Apple didn’t get here alone, all its partners have had a hand in the success of handheld computing, but comparing this beast to the shitty phones of 10 years ago and laughably primitive PDAs of 20 years ago is instructive.

    I put my old late 2009-iPod (which I still use every day) next to the 6S, and was humored to see what has evolved since those early days and what hasn’t.

    So many apps I still want to write, so little time now. . .

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