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Inogashira Birds

February 21st, 2005

Went to Inogashira Park today, and did something I haven’t done in many trips past: looked at the birds. You take them for granted, but there are so many there. At least three or four different kinds of ducks, for example, including the Tufted Duck, Common Pochard, the Northern Pintail, and I think Mallards, though I’ll have to research the identity much more closely. Here is a photo of a bunch of them in a feeding frenzy…


…But the interesting find was this bird, which I haven’t fully identified yet–maybe a Black-crowned Night Heron, but I really have to look into it–when I have time.


One other bird we spotted, but only in a flash, with an emerald or turquoise flash of back feathers–maybe a Kingfisher. I’ve got to go there again sometime soon. But I’ve also identified three parks with bird sanctuaries–one in Setagaya, Koganei Park, and Showa Memorial Park in Tachikawa. All should be good places to go.

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