Crazy Weather

February 24th, 2005

Talk about extremes.


Just two days ago, we had a warm spike, the weather rising to 65 degrees F (18 C), possibly even more than that. And tonight we’re having a pretty significant snowstorm, several inches at least. That’s quite a shift in temperature… and an excuse to upload a few photos of the white night to the ol’ blog.


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  1. February 25th, 2005 at 07:01 | #1

    I always end up coming to Japan in August/September, have always wanted to see it with snow. Thanks Luis!:)

  2. Brad
    February 25th, 2005 at 08:35 | #2

    Very nice! I love the grouping of the trees in the second photograph. Brad.

  3. Brad
    February 25th, 2005 at 08:40 | #3

    Very nice! I love the grouping of the trees in the second photograph. Brad.

  4. July 22nd, 2005 at 06:15 | #4

    The current spate of weather anomalies is likely due to a decraese in the earths magnetic field. The current Gauss of Earths magnetic field is only Half of what it was in the days of the Sumerians (6000 years or so ago) As we Know the earths magnetic field is what protects us from the Suns deadly rays.

    Many new agers believe that Earths magnetic field will flip causing havoc or the destruction of earth, or even the end of Humanity as we Know it. This is not so. The sun flips its magnetic pole every 11 years. No explosions, no end of the Sun or Earth. Earths magnetic poles have flipped many times in the past.

    The United States government has begun an operation to shield the Earth from the Sun by use of Aluminium, Barium, and powdered quartz. Many call these ‘Chemtrails’ and there is much speculation as to why they are spraying these trails, mind control and Conspiracy theories abound.

    The Government, of Course, denies spraying this stuff. The greatest danger from this fallout is the inhalation of these fine particles, Silicosis can occur from Inhaling quartz powder. However, Ham Radio operators have started using these Chemtrails to send radio signals. This pretty Much proves that the chemtrails are not of normal composition. Operation Cloverleaf (civilian and Military jets have been fitted with ‘chemtrail’ spraying devices) or Operation Sun Shield. The Military has also built 129 deep underground bases. I would further a guess that these are built with the knowledge of earths dying magnetic field.

    As per your request I have not included any links, By googling the aformentioned chemtrails and operations named you can find many links. Further, the decrease in the magnetic field likely gives rise to depletion of ozone, and the current increase of Earths Schumann resonance. It is thought that lightning causes the Schumann resonance, an increase in electrical storms could cause this. Global warming (co2) may aggravate this condition, but I dont believe this is the cause of the Current Anomalous Weather.

    There is also those who propose that Scalar Em weapons are being used by Rogue groups to control the weather. Google Col. Tom Bearden, you will find his site that discusses how these Weapons work. Tom is a Physicist and has worked in such places as China Lake doing DNA research for the Military (Cadre). What he says may shock you. If what he says is true, Nuclear weapons ARE NOT the most powerful weapons on this planet.

    I have probably created more questions than answers here, my intent is not to frighten, but to enlighten. If those that read this are already frightened by terrorism you may NOT want to read what Tom Says. Therefore I leave it to each individual to do some of his own research and to come to their own logical conclusions. –BRS

  5. sue
    March 9th, 2006 at 07:20 | #5

    where did this happen

  6. Lou & Tiff
    April 8th, 2006 at 12:15 | #6

    I wonder if these weather modification Bill
    protest are having any effect on our politicians at all, they seem as
    oblivious to this issue as they have been with the Chemtrail / Spraying
    issue. Neither Tiff or I have been able to get one Senator or Congress or
    even a staffer to even address the question of “WHY” it is that we need a
    weather modifocation Bill at this time, they avoid our letters and e-mail’s
    on the subject as though we just asked them for the plans to the the secret
    death ray, Obviously it is a subject that they are not comfortable talking
    freely about for some reason.What are they afraid that we will find out?

    To close to the Chemtrail / Global Spraying issue maybe.

  7. August 5th, 2006 at 14:26 | #7

    Weather is odd everywhere. Tonight on a non-commercial
    little website there will be an interview with Scott
    Stevens, he is a meteorogist who is following weather
    manipulation and chemtrails. He has documented this
    extensively. The show is 2 hours, you can download it
    if you miss the live broadcast. There is no membership
    or fees, just good solid information. The show is what
    Coast to Coast should be. It doesn’t have endless
    commercials and is not controlled by clear channel.
    Other guests have been excellent as well.
    Chemtrails are real but persistent contrails are also
    real ex.
    This is a picture from 1983 and shows a contrail smeared
    sky over North Carolina. I have been following chemtrails
    for more than 4 years, while I am certain there are
    chemtrails, distinguishing contrails from chemtrails
    is nearly impossible but there are small differences.
    Observation is the key, but it takes time. Chemtrail
    websites do a terrible job of discussing persistent
    contrails correctly unfortunately so you will NOT be
    getting nearly all the information from chemtrail
    websites. Good luck and keep looking up.

    Getting to the bottom of
    weather manipulation is not simple but Scott is a
    very interesting listen.
    The program is available for download AFTER the show but hope you can catch him live. The guy is dancing on a razor’s edge and I’ll be listening for sure. Listen 8-4 10-12 pm PCT, or download the program afterwards.
    While this is a plug it is a worthy one, go easy on me
    moderator check out my URL and the radio show, NEITHER one
    is commercial, just concerned people trying to find the
    truths. Thanks, Bryan aka bryansail

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