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Changing Fortunes?

April 27th, 2005

After the 2004 election, I have somewhat curbed my enthusiasm based upon the events of the day before, but nevertheless… Bush and the GOP have been pushing the Social Security destruction reform measure for many months now, and it looks like it’s not going to pass (64% disapprove of Bush on Social Security). Word is getting out a bit more about how Bush has gotten 95% of all his judges approved, except for the extremists, which is more than any president in decades, and support is soft for the crybaby option–66% disapprove, only 26% approve (even though the press has signed on blindly to the new PR-based named the GOP is pushing after blaming Democrats for their own “nuclear option” name). It is doubtful that the filibuster will be axed, especially since most Americans–and even a large number of Republicans–are against it. Furthermore, Tom DeLay is hanging on to power, and even Bush is chumming with him; one could not ask for a nicer gift for the Democrats, let’s hope he hangs around until next election season. And John Bolton looks like he’s not going to make it, either.

All in all, the GOP is doing a pretty good job of smearing itself. Let’s hope people are paying attention, and that this lasts long enough for it to make a difference in the makeup of Congress after 2006.

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