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And a Few More from Tama Reien

April 29th, 2005

A few subsequent visits to Tama Reien brought a few new species in. First, what I am pretty sure is the Brown-headed Thrush, though it does not too closely resemble what my field guides show in terms of shape and color shades–but all the signs are there.

405-Brown-Headed Thrush-450

Note the white coloring on its belly; that’s one of the telltale signs. Here’s another shot I got the following day, somewhat clearer on the front:

405-Brown-Headed Thrush2-45

The other new species was, to my surprise, the Japanese Green Woodpecker, though I missed any clear shots of the bird. Still, the black-and-white stripes on the belly as well as the red coloring on the side and top of its head identify it clearly:

405-Jpns Green Woodpecker-450

With the above, you can catch the belly stripes, and can just see the red spot on the back of its head, both of which might be clearer here:

405-J Green Woodpecker4-300

And then these shots, though much less focused, show the coloring better, and one shows the red spot on the side of its head a bit more clearly.

405-J Green Woodpecker3-300

405-Jp Green Woodpecker2-45

I also happened to catch other shots of Grosbeaks (previously sighted at Reien) and a Hawfinch (which I’d only seen around Sagami):



The lighting is due to a massive dark cloud, which accompanied strong winds, both of which arrived just as I did. Other photos, taken on the next day, had better lighting, but numerous attempts at sound recording were thwarted by loud ambient noise, such as that produced by a helicopter which chose to circle the area for a full hour. Both of these have been typical nuisances for my trips to Tama Reien, which also include an uncanny knack for passers-by (usually with frisky dogs) and loud sudden vehicles to come along exactly as I’m ready to press the shutter button on an interesting new bird. My perception, I know, but it happens all too often nonetheless…

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