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Now Your Dog Takes You for a Walk

June 6th, 2005

An interesting invention here. Do you have a dog, but don’t like having to exert so much energy walking the pooch every day, struggling to hold him back? This device takes care of that: strap Fido into the harness, and let him pull you along while you steer.


A movie showing the device in action is also available on the product’s site.

This may not be in line with what most canine lovers may accept as doggie-friendly, but it’s better than some ideas I’ve seen before, like one guy I saw “walking” his dog from his car, holding the leash out the window. The makers of this “urban mushing” device claim that it actually gives “identity and pride for your dog,” though somehow I’m not fully sure that this is what the dogs are thinking.

If you want to spread the workload of dragging your fat ass around, there’s a model of the Dog-Powered Scooter which allows for two dogs. Though frankly, I might not want to be on that scooter when Spot and Rover lay their eyes on Fluffy the Cat and decide to go for it.

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