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Tokyo Wild Bird Park, July 15 2005 – Part 2

July 17th, 2005

Sorry, it’s taken more than the one day I planned to get this post up. To finish on my last bird post, here are the other birds, including most of the new species, that I saw at the Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park.

First, the Gulls. Previously, I had spotted a Herring Gull along the Tama River, but at the park the other day, I found two other types of gulls: First, the Black-tailed Gull, which in Japanese is called “Umineko” (ウミネコ), or the “Sea Cat”:


This one may be immature, due to its lighter tail feathers and relatively dim red tip to its beak, but it is definitely a Black-tailed. See the head detail:


And here’s another shot:


I thought I saw the same gull, very immature, as it had very light plumage, but it turns out that this is probably a completely different gull, probably the Glaucous Gull (Shiro-kamome • シロカモメ), though I am not 100% certain:


Then there were the Plovers. First, the one I’d seen before, the Little Ringed Plover; note the yellow ring around its eyes:



But there was another plover which I thought might be an immature Little-Ringed, but it turns out that instead it’s a Kentish Plover (Shiro-chidori • シロチドリ), due to the black legs (the Little Ringed Plover has yellow legs, better visible in the first of the two above photos) and other markings:



Then we have the Sandpipers: first, the Common Sandpiper (Iso-shigi • イソシギ), which I’d spotted before on the Tama River:



And then the more interesting, curve-billed Terek Sandpiper (Sorihashi-shigi • ソリハシシギ):



And to finish off the series, a few picture of the Terek Sandpiper taking a bath, while we see, walking nearby, the Little Ringed Plover:


…And with the Kentish Plover:


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