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New Weird Spam Attacks

December 8th, 2005

Has anyone else been getting this? About 20 spams sent to your site per day–but none of them have any spam URLs. All of the links are to legitimate sites, major corporations and such. The messages in the spams are highly complimentary of your site, with a bit of gibberish in there sometimes. Every time it’s a different name (aside from an occasional repeat), a different email address, a different IP address, and a different message variation. The spammer has been keeping this up for the past five days solid. What’s the deal with this idiot? If he’s testing his systems, isn’t this going on a bit too long? Of course, my spam filters stop any from getting through, but you gotta wonder about the guy’s sanity.

Then there’s this “grandpa stole bets” joker, someone who posts by that name, and clearly uses spam software (Google the name, you’ll see) to spread this bizarre comment all over the place. A deranged, rambling, conspiracy-theory-laden, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic tirade. I can only guess that some 12-year-old got hold of some primitive spam software and thought it’d be fun to pee all over the blogosphere.

None of these are really annoying as the filters do such a good job of keeping them out, but when you peek at some of these pieces of waste before they get zapped, it makes you wonder as to who’s out there, and if their medical insurance covers Mad Cow Disease.

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