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Core Duo iMac Review

January 18th, 2006

Ars Technica, a great tech site, has an excellent and comprehensive review of the new 17″ Core Duo iMac. The bottom line: it’s fast if you’re using “universal” apps (ones designed to work on both PPC and Intel chips), and acceptable if you’re using PPC-only apps (which is still most 3rd-party apps). At $1300, it’s an excellent value, according to the reviewer. Check it out.

Since I recently bought my Powerbook (less than a year ago), I have no great motivation to buy a new Mac any time soon. However, once I find that someone has a real and workable solution to dual-loading Mac OS X and Windows XP on an iMac, I will be sorely tempted–and may give in–to buying an iMac to replace my aging Celeron Windows box.

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