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Pat Tillman

February 27th, 2006

I’ve been meaning to blog on the Pat Tillman story for a while now–but Kevin Drum just did the job for me better than I could have done. If you’d rather not read the linked post, it boils down to this: Tillman turned down a lucrative football career to fight in the war–in Afghanistan. Instead he was sent to Iraq, a war he disapproved of and felt was illegal. Later, he was sent to Afghanistan, where he was killed by friendly fire. The Bush administration, stinging from the Abu Ghraib scandal, needed a poster boy, so they lied and used Tillman’s death to punch up their own agenda. They hid the fact that he died under friendly fire and made him out to be a pro-Bush all-American hero. In fact, he was pro-Kerry and had arranged to meet with anti-war advocate Noam Chomsky after he got back. When his parents found out how the administration had lied and used their son for political gain, they were, in a word, pissed. And yet to this day, most people still believe the Bush lie that Tillman was pro-Bush and pro-Iraq and that he died for Bush’s cause and “the war on terror.” They were right about the hero part, and, ironically, how Tillman stands as a symbol of how we cannot let the troops down–just not they way the GOP usually plays it.

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  1. Tim Kane
    February 28th, 2006 at 04:23 | #1

    I had thought (lead to believe) that Tillman had died in Afghanistan, not Iraq, fighting, at least for what he signed up for. The Bush administration served up the ultimate insult, making his death, in a narrow sense, in vain, but in a larger sense, symbolic and illustrative of good and evil, craven versus noble, cowardice versus courage and the use of by Bush & Co, made up of nothing but evil, craven and cowards, attempting to coopt Tillman’s virtue, courage and nobility. Increadible.

    It, of course will make a movie so stinging, if done right, will forever scaith the neocon movement for eternity.

  2. Luis
    February 28th, 2006 at 08:45 | #2

    Tim: You were led to believe correctly. My error–Tillman was killed in Afghanistan, not in Iraq as I posted above. I have just amended the post to reflect this. Sorry, that was damned sloppy of me. Fortunately, it does not change the tone or message of the post too much. Thanks for pointing that out.

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