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Not Reporting Hurting People Is Apparently a Fad

February 27th, 2006

It turns out that Cheney was not the only one who injured someone and then held back reporting on it. Last July, when in Scotland for a G8 Summit, Bush lost control of his bike (for what, the 4th time?) while attempting to wave at constables on the road, and crashed smack into one of the policemen. The unreported part concerns the injury to the constable–originally reported as a “very minor” injury, it turns out that Bush broke the man’s ankle, putting him on crutches and out of work for three months. Having just suffered nothing worse than a broken toe and lived on crutches for three months myself, I can tell you that’s it’s not “very minor.” In Scotland, a normal citizen would probably have been charged with “careless driving” and possibly even assault on a police officer.

Now that the news is out, I suppose we can expect the Scottish constable to hold a press conference where he will formally apologize to president Bush for all the anguish he’s caused him.

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