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End of the Line for Katherine Harris

April 16th, 2006

The woman who inflicted George W. Bush on America and the world, the woman who stripped tens of thousands of law-abiding Democratic Florida citizens of their voting rights and so stole the 2000 election from all the American people, is going down. And she is going down in flames.

The latest Rasmussen polls–a polling outfit that consistently gives George W. Bush approval ratings 5-10 points higher than other polls–has Harris down by no less than thirty points in her bid for a Senate seat. After robbing Floridians of their votes and grievously abusing her office of Florida Secretary of State (while simultaneously being Bush’s Florida campaign co-chair) to repeatedly declare Florida for Bush–finally being backed up by the Republican majority of the Supreme Court–Harris was duly rewarded by the Republican Party, which gave her a Republican “safe seat” in the House of Representatives, where she stayed for four years.

She wanted to run for Senate in Florida in 2004, but was convinced not to by the White House–a wise choice for the GOP, as Harris would have lost the seat to Democrats (a Hispanic White House HUD secretary tapped for the race only narrowly won, 49%-48%). Harris was not so cooperative this year, however, as she decided to challenge incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson in Florida’s other Senate seat; the GOP tried to stop her, but was unsuccessful. After several meltdowns and a pledge to use a large chunk of her personal fortune to fund her dying campaign, she is now pegged at 27% to Bill Nelson’s 57%. The GOP still has about a month to enter another challenger, but it is unknown if they will be able to find anyone able or willing to challenge Nelson.

Either way, this will mark the disgraceful end to one of the most notorious political criminals of our day. Remember, had it not been for Harris, the 2000 election would not have been stolen. We would still be enjoying remarkable budget surpluses instead of record deficit and debt, Saddam Hussein would be safely contained and we would not be mired down in Iraq with 2372 of our soldiers dead. And despite how hard it is to imagine, 9/11 would most likely not have happened, as Al Gore would have continued the counter-terrorism practices of Bill Clinton that prevented the Millennium attacks in four American cities, and, as I have outlined, would have caught and stopped the 9/11 plotters before they struck. Gore would have engaged us in the Kyoto treaty and fought global warming from the start of the term he earned, the term that the American people granted him, the term which Katherine Harris despicably and illegally wrenched away, leading our nation to the ruin and despair we suffer today.

As you can probably tell, I have no great liking for Harris. And I will take no small pleasure in seeing her ignominiously crash and burn. It is far, far less than the punishment she so richly deserves.

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