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You’ve Got to be Kidding

August 16th, 2003

The Pentagon and the president, already in hot water for cutting veteran’s benefits and education for their kids after sending scores of them to fight and die for Halliburton, are now digging themselves an even deeper hole: they want to directly cut the already measly pay given to soldiers in Iraq.

Why? Because it would cost another $300 million if they don’t.

Now, I never supported the whole Iraq invasion thing, but our men and women who are there deserve all of our respect and support, and that includes paying at least minimum wage, for crying out loud.

Somehow Bush feels it is a travesty to not give a trillion dollars back to the rich, and that it is acceptable to run up a deficit of $450 billion every year, which this country will soon gag on, just so he can have his political agenda played out–but when it comes to paying a tiny fraction of that to the Americans who are dying for his botched policies, suddenly this is just too much and we have to cut back somewhere.

I’m sorry. You know that I criticize Bush for all sorts of horrible stuff that he does. But this is just plain, stinking obscene.

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