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Once Again

August 7th, 2006

I’ve written on this before, and I will again. I’ve said before, that if someone, anyone, tries to mention the words “liberal media” to me as if they refer to anything even resembling non-fiction, I will be all over them with evidence to the contrary. I have made the point that Republicans can get even their basest political smears published favorably nationally, but when the Democrats try to speak up on substantial issues, the media virtually ignores them, unless there’s something juicy a columnist can smack them on–belying the common claim that the Democrats “don’t have any points to make,” that they “aren’t trying to get a message out.”

And now we have yet another example: a thoroughly researched, exhaustively documented report from Democrats in Congress called “The Constitution in Crisis.” Yes, I know, it’s not juicy-sounding, doesn’t look titillating. But the report is rock solid, with 1401 endnotes documenting sources and filling in details. Over 160 pages of accessible writing, the report describes the Bush administration’s actions in two general areas–the Iraq War and illegal surveillance–chronicling events without filler, presenting hundreds of administration errors, lies, and lawbreaking with scrupulous accuracy.

The “liberal” media response after two days? Utter silence. Nothing. Not a single damned article. No coverage whatsoever.

Maybe you can say the report was too ambitious for today’s media. Maybe because it is a well-documented, well-researched report, it’s not what the press of today is looking for. Maybe because it doesn’t plug nicely into the MTV-age sound-bite cookie-cutter reporting paradigm that undoubtedly has Edward R. Murrow spinning in his grave.

But there are two things you cannot by any stretch of the imagination claim: one, that the Democrats are not trying to get the message out, and two, that the news media is liberal and caters to them. Neither of these claims have any reputable shred of evidence to back them up.

Go read the report.

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