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Unhacked, Unhinged

August 10th, 2006

Lieberman got a huge cheer from his crowd during his “concession” speech when he said,

“You can go to my web site tomorrow, www.joe2006.com, when it’s unhacked.”

What a liar. Even as he spoke those words, his site was showing a message crafted by his people, the message that’s still up there now, proof that not only is the site fully under their control now, but that it has been since early on. Even conservatives are now saying that the claim of hacking is “embarrassingly clueless,” and that it was obviously a crash caused by heavy traffic on a weak-ass web account.

The thing is, the media is still running with the hacking story, with only a few outliers picking up on the BS angle. Betcha that when the FBI probe shows it was what it was, that the media doesn’t pick up the story. I hope I’m wrong on that, but I still bet that I’m not.

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