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Fun with Blogging

August 23rd, 2006

This is one of the fun things about blogging–you never know what’s going to click with people, and sometimes it’s just plain weird. Like my fourth blog post after starting this whole shebang was an offhand remark about my eyelid twitching, and suddenly people swarmed to it. Even today, three years later, I still get several comments a week on a subsequent post on eyelid twitching, and it’s up to almost 900 comments so far. That one post is my main draw from Google. Go figure.

But that’s what blogging is like. You make long, arduous, well-thought-out posts on serious subjects, but then your stats show people crowding to read your pithy comments on errant bodily functions. With a blog, you never know what people are going to want.

Just before heading off to Karuizawa, I wrote a post mainly consisting of whinging about whether or not I should get my Powerbook screen replaced, and then a short recalling of the Apple store people giving me a big bag to protect my backpack from the rain. After getting several useful comments with advice on the repairs, I forgot all about the specific post–only to later notice a big spike in visitors around that time. For some bizarre, unknown reason, the Mac news aggregator MacSurfer.com picked up the blog post (usually someone has to recommend it), and then two other Mac sites (like this one) picked it up under the topic of “Opinion,” without comment. I gotta figure that they just automatically, mechanically pick random stories from MacSurfer, because the post is pretty ditzy, to be quite honest. But hundreds of people came just for that. I always hate to think people have come to my blog and have left disappointed, but then, people are still raving about my eyelid twitching thing. Maybe I’m just not that good a judge of what people like.

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  1. August 24th, 2006 at 01:54 | #1

    Is this now going to lead to a long series of posts entitled “What Luis’ body did today”? What bloggers will do to increase their stats:-p

  2. ykw
    August 24th, 2006 at 03:40 | #2

    Perhaps “eyelid twitching” is a term that folks type into google, yet is not common on other sites due to being a non medical term. Perhaps the other sites are calling it something like “eye twitching”.

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