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Which One Is Different… ?

January 22nd, 2007

Here is a sampling of the headlines from major news services reporting on Hillary Clinton’s announcement to join the 2008 presidential race:

MSNBC: Clinton voices confidence in her 2008 prospects
CBS: Hillary Clinton Awaits “Great Contest”
ABC: Clinton Confident in Her 2008 Prospects
CNN: Hillary Clinton launches White House bid: ‘I’m in’
BBC: Hillary Clinton Joins 2008 Race
NYTimes: Clinton’s Success in Presidential Race Is No Sure Thing
LA Times: Clinton joins 2008 race for president
Boston Globe: Clinton gives her answer to voters: I’m in

And then, the lead Fox News story highlighted on Google News:

Fox News: Fear and Loathing on Sen. Clinton’s Trail

The story, actually, is written by someone at RealClear Politics, a right-wing site, and focuses on how Obama will sink a Clinton candidacy, and uses expressions like “discombobulated near-panic” and “liberal candidate” (as opposed to “Democratic candidate”).

Nice to see they are so vociferously fighting to maintain their fair and balanced perspective. While they don’t seem to be pitching that line too much any more, they still print the slogan, “We report; You decide.” Which, in line with its obvious falseness, brings to mind the fact that if they weren’t slanting their news so egregiously, they wouldn’t have to emphasize the idea that they weren’t trying to plant preconceived notions in readers’ minds. Kind of like a used car dealer calling himself “Honest Joe’s.”

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