February 24th, 2007

I went to Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park a little bit ago. I don’t know about the claim that December to February are the best birding months. I’ve heard people say that, and I did miss the first two months of that… but if February is any indication, I haven’t been missing much. Though I am focusing more on waterfowl, and maybe I should be looking for passerines much more. But there were a few birds there which provided interesting shots.

A Mejiro (Japanese White-Eye) in flight.

0207-Common Buzzard1-450
Common Buzzards at a distance. The second one is to the left of the first, very hard to see. Can you pick it out?

0207-Common Sandpiper1-450
A Common Sandpiper came close.

0207-Oriental Turtledove-450
An Oriental Turtledove, even closer. A beautiful bird, the Turtledove. Lovely plumage.

This photo just struck me as funny. The Cormorant drying off, the ducks on one foot, and the gull ducking. A lot of little stuff in a small arc.

0207-Little Egret1-450
And a Little Egret posing among the ducks.

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