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Raiders of the DaVinci Code

February 28th, 2007

One story in the press this week is about the supposed discovery of the tombs of Jesus, Mary Magdalena, and their conjectured son Judah. Behind it are the “Exodus Code” producers Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron.

From what I understand, the tombs will be opened on live TV, whereupon ghostly apparitions will fly out, and James Cameron’s face will melt while Jacobovici’s head will explode.

Seriously, what the hell is with Cameron? He used to make awesome films. I guess he got all the money he needed after Titanic, and can do whatever the hell he wants now. I can understand why he went on a decade-long kick on deep-sea submersibles and just made documentaries about Titanic and related subjects–the guy probably just loved doing it and figured he’d focus on that.

But now Cameron seems to be behind a new string of Christian-themed movies-of-the-month, becoming a new huckster for cheap religion-masquerading-as-science crapola. A new hobby I can understand, but a Bible fetish and spurious claims of having proven the Red Sea parting or finding Jesus’ tomb… that’s straying well into wacko territory.

What happened, did a cult get their hands on him or something?

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  1. Tim Kane
    February 28th, 2007 at 21:06 | #1

    Well, maybe its similar to the deep sea stuff. I mean both are a form of pop-archeology of sorts. And like titanic, he wants to make money off of it.

    I liked titanic, but not for its plot, just its imagery and the music that went with it – I wish he had better actors and actesses, especially in the lead spots. DeCaprio and Winslet were both stiff as boards. Cameron chose them because at the time they came cheap. Take the sets away, take the cinematography and music away and its a very bad movie.

    So now he’s down digging around Jerusalem, religion is a can’t lose business in the states right now, and he wants to make a good buck off his latest arheological hobby.

    Except, this is a can’t win situation for him. He may make some money but he won’t prove anything and he’ll get lots and lots of people mad at him for nothing. This is one hobby he should have left private.

    This could undermine his career – the way that Tom Cruise did jumping on Opera’s couch. (I can’t stomach Cruise at all anymore – hardly could before – in that he always played the same guy in the same plot: Starts as Cocky Successful guy, then cocky successful guy takes a huge fall and is made humble, then beautiful earth bound women helps humble fallen formally cocky successful guy back to being successful, though no longer cocky but filled with meaning – makes me sick to my stomach: Jerry Maguire, you complete my revulsion).

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