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It Would’ve Been a Lot Simpler If They Gotten This Straight from the Start

June 12th, 2007

KDDI called me back again today, this time with a message that they would be delivering the modem and router to my new address two weeks before I can move in, so I would have to contact them in another department in order to get a new delivery date set up. This annoyed me, as it would seem to make things more difficult–that I would have to wait until a delivery could be arranged after I’d moved in, and I was moving in on a Friday, late Friday at that. Maybe no Internet for the first weekend.

So I called the number they gave and spoke through a translator–but this time everything got a lot simpler. These people said that because of the way my building was constructed, I won’t need any kind of modem or router–that instead, I would only have to plug an Ethernet cable into the LAN port in the wall directly, and that would be it. All the KDDI business would be done by June 14th, and my presence would not be required. All would be ready long before I moved in, and I would have instant 100 Mbps fiber optic Internet the moment I walked in the door.

Which is exactly what I expected from the beginning, and exactly what I told them they should be able to deliver, right from the start. I told them that the mansion was brand-new, that it had FTTH, and that there were LAN ports and even a modular fiber connector right there in the room. But they wouldn’t listen. Instead, I had to wait through a week and about half a dozen different stories about how things were going to work, before finally they told me what I expected to hear from the start.

Now I’m afraid to talk to them again, for fear that they’ll revert to some other story….

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  1. June 12th, 2007 at 19:48 | #1

    Whether you talk to them again or not, they will do what they want. The only difference between contacting them before you move in and deciding not to is that you will know what’s coming when you plug in and find you have no service. :-p

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