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And Once Again…

June 22nd, 2007

When I first asked KDDI to set up an Internet connection at our new apartment, they said it would use the telephone line and I’d need a splitter, a vDSL box, and a router-modem, just like I do now.

Later, they corrected themselves. They would do it through the LAN ports built into the wall; all I would have to do is plug in directly, no problem.

Today, I got another call. Guess what?? Yep, another version of events. Now it seems that they’ll use the fiber-optic cable port (on the left in the image above), and so will need to have some kind of modem box after all.

I can barely wait to hear what their next version of events will be!

Actually, though, I expect that the F/O cable will yield the best results, in terms of speed. But we’ll see….

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  1. me
    June 22nd, 2007 at 20:21 | #1

    I lived in Ikebukuro. Near sunshine city. The park with “Tojo’s rock” in the park there was about a five minute walk.

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