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Bad Luck with Air Conditioners

August 7th, 2007

Sachi and I finally told the building’s office people that our main room’s air conditioner not working. Can’t say they don’t respond fast–before the day was out, they had a couple of guys come in and check out the unit.

While one of the guys was outside checking the troubled unit, I asked the other guy to come and take a look at our bedroom’s A/C unit, which has been steadily dripping water. That’s Sachi’s old unit, which the moving company (remember those great guys?) installed in the new place. As he walked in the room, he immediately saw the problem–the unit was tilted, ever so slightly, to the right, and away from the drainage tube, which is also tilted to as to bring the draining water, or some of it, back into the room. One of the guys tried to tilt it back the other way, but the thing keeps dripping; we’ll probably have to call the original installers back in to do the job properly.

Meanwhile, the two repair guys are looking at the main unit, the one in the living room, which comes with the apartment. That hasn’t worked since day one, and once spilled huge amounts of water out when we had our housewarming party. As it turns out, they guys found that there was no gas in the conditioning units. No freon, no N2.

Now wonder it didn’t work. The guys said they were puzzled as to how the gas could have escaped. They claimed that all units are tested to see if they have the 1 kg or so of gases installed… but if a leak is so rare, then there was probably just an oversight to put the gases into the units, at least just in our place. One of 400 or so apartments in the building, you gotta figure at least a few will have problems like this.

I figure another month or two, and the shakedown might be over, and we might have a fully-functioning apartment.

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