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The Next Target for Right-Wing Attack

October 16th, 2007

Okay, Malkinites: here’s the target for your next round of smearing attacks:


Well, maybe not the little girl, but we can sure smear the hell out of her parents, right? Look, she’s in a car! From the looks of it, it’s probably a BMW, maybe a Mercedes! And other images in the new S-CHIP ad show her family enjoying a vacation on a beach. They can obviously afford to travel first-class to Hawaii! This family is undeniably flush with excess cash, another gang of rich liberals milking the social welfare system. The parents were obviously cheap and probably guilty of negligence for not bothering to insure their kids with the wads of cash you can almost see coming out of their pockets.

So the new wingnut assignment is to go out there, find out where these people live and work and where their kids go to school, and publish it all over the right-wing blogosphere! Dig into their financial records and extrapolate every possible asset they have as representing opulent wealth! And ignore obviously made-up left-wing propaganda like this!

Get to it, Moonbats!

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