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Good Lord, Here We Go Again

September 28th, 2003

President Bush, realizing that jobs are important to the American people, headed out to Indiana to lay out his master plan for revitalizing the job market for average Americans.

His first step: more tax cuts for the rich.

And no, I’m not kidding. I wish I were. And it gets worse: it’s a future tax cut, one that won’t even kick in until a decade from now. He plans to make the temporary, decade-long tax cuts permanent. Because we all know that future enrichment of the super-rich and endless budget deficits are exactly the stimulus the job market needs right now.

Next: Reducing government regulations on business. Yeah, that’ll help. Just like it did with Enron, Worldcom, the entire energy industry (ask Californians about that), and countless other examples, back to the Savings & Loan debacle and farther.

Next: Protecting companies from class-action lawsuits. Think of all the jobs that will create!

Also: Allowing companies to put less money into their employee pension plans. Yes, that will certainly–um… well, it will… uh… Wha?

Even Republicans are scratching their heads on this one. Bruce Bartlett, an economist who worked for Bush, Sr., said, “Basically, he’s just crossing his fingers and hoping for the best.” Well, that’s what he’s done from the start: get a far-right-wing agenda pushed through, claim it is due to [insert present crisis or agenda goal here] and it will fix [insert issue-of-the-day here], and then wait until some crisis abates naturally, and then jump all over it, saying, “See? I told you my plan would work!”

And his brother Jeb still has some great real estate in Florida to sell you.

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