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Up Again

November 16th, 2007


Okay, I got the web site I was working on back up and running. As it turns out, the failure of the site was not as completely disastrous as I had feared, but it was still bad enough. It took more than two hours to get everything back up and running.

Here’s what it is: I teach a Computer Science class, a basic survey course entitled “Introduction to Computers.” For some time, I have used this site design, on my namesake domain, poza.net. It was good for my needs at the time, but I have been looking to redesign it for a few years now.

I had not planned on implementing the site until next semester, but a planned outage on poza.net which would hit smack in the middle of a lesson prompted me to open the site early. So far, only the main page and one section have been adapted to the new design; the rest of the site is simply the old web pages, grafted on to the new domain. You can check out the site at this address.

My main interest in creating the new site was to include a blog into the main page, as a way of contacting students at any time. As it is RSS and WordPress-powered, students can be contacted via an RSS reader or by email whenever there is a new message in the blog.

The blog is minimally viewable on a 1024-pixel-wide monitor as of this time (it can be viewed at lower resolutions, but the blog gets really squished), but is better suited for larger resolutions. The class sections are the big black buttons on the right (I have to size the buttons down, soon); only the section on Hardware (9 chapters) has been adapted to the new site design.

I have also changed things in that the old site was simply a directory on a site I use for various things, but the new site–www.lcjapan.com, a domain closely named after my college campus, is now to be dedicated to this one site for this course. I got the domain name for this site years ago, but never did much with it until now.

This is also why I have not been blogging on too much else; aside from my regular teaching duties, this has been taking up literally all of my time recently. I hope to get back to other things this weekend. Still, I need to update the Excel section of the web site to focus on the 2007 version; the current pages (not visible because they are out of date) focus on Excel 2000.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the site, please let me know.

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  1. Kenzo
    November 16th, 2007 at 23:54 | #1

    Oh – clearly I remember the lesson shared with you…

    My page, my blog … about 2 years ago? – now I feel them insane, getting ashamed with my past. I myself have completely changed now.

    I have to say that to be a doctor in Japan seems for me to be much easier than surviving in LCJ.

    Oh my gosh.

  2. Luis
    November 17th, 2007 at 10:06 | #2

    So Kenzo, where are you, what is happening with you? What’s up? Are you a doctor, or training to be one?

  3. Kenzo
    November 17th, 2007 at 12:40 | #3

    Of course I am not a doctor now — but I am training myself to be one now at home studying math, physics, chemistry (all boring – :( )… etc. etc.

    I think I have to be able to do drug therapy for those who are suffering any kind of unbearable pain that will not be conquerd by talking, i.e. counseling.

    But I am sure that for patients, talking is a very big help, so I also have to train myself how to behave and talk with others the same as I have to talk and speak and read and write in English.

    I read your article about your eye problem (you saw black spot in your sight?) in your blog, and I clearly realised I need to be at least bilingual. Are you OK now?

    Your blog is a very big help for me to catch natural and professional English. Thank you very much.

    “Ask, and it shall be given you.” — (for me) If I won’t ask anything, I will get nothing.

    I need to be a man with good character.

    P.S. I enjoy Harry Potter films these days. Prof. Snape by Alan Rickman was in Die Hard (1989) as a terrorist leader! … And especially I was quite shocked with Hermione by Emma Watson — she’s so cool and cute and beautiful and intelligent and has thoughtfully kind leadership… but also very strong and a little bit bossy. Are ladies stronger than men?

  4. ykw
    November 19th, 2007 at 04:05 | #4

    Nice website !

    I think links into wikipedia and microsoft (for software instruction) might be nice for people that want to read more. Wikipedia is great fun and it would be nice for students to learn it’s power.

  5. Luis
    November 19th, 2007 at 15:24 | #5

    Actually, we’re trying to get our students to rely less on Wikipedia. As it stands, they tend to only go there and few other places for source material, and it tends to hurt the value of their research.

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