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Not a Good Week for Republicans

October 4th, 2003

Wow. A triple double-whammy.

Bush is hit by a leak made by two of his senior officials which turns out to have been a federal felony, in addition to being an underhanded, slimy political attack. The Bush administration blames liberals for the scandal. On top of that, the official report on the search for WMD has come back: we found nothing, please give us another $600 million so we can try to find nothing some more. Less reported on are recent revelations that Colin Powell and Condi Rice made statements prior than 9/11 that Saddam was no threat and did not have serious WMD nor the ability to project them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been hit not only by a detailed L. A. Times article on exactly how he groped, grabbed and harassed six women over the past few decades, but also has been again haunted by statements from his past, when the director of a film he appeared in claimed that the now-gubernatorial candidate expressed admiration and respect for Adolf Hitler. This on top of the revelations that he claimed to have gang-banged a black woman with other bodybuilders, and that his father was a member of the Nazi party. Schwarzenegger blames liberals for his troubles. And note that Arnold does not deny the Hitler remarks.

And finally, Rush Limbaugh, trying to get past his disgraceful slur on and resignation from ESPN (which Rush blames liberals for), was named in an investigation of drug rings, in which it was claimed that he illegally bought thousands of painkillers over a long period of time. And note that he does not deny that he bought the drugs.

All in all, not a superlative week for conservatives. Bush’s troubles will likely push his poll numbers further down their predictably falling track, making Americans question his character more, and “The Leak” may very well turn out to have legs (not to mention teeth). Schwarzenegger will likely be least affected by these 11th-hour revelations (despite our hopes), partly because of his star power, and partly because millions of absentee ballots have already been cast. Limbaugh, on the other hand, may be seeing his last days of being in favor with much of anyone; even conservatives will find it hard to excuse him of massive illegal drug abuse, even if he is not subsequently arrested and imprisoned.

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