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Hillary: Texas Doesn’t Matter, Florida and Michigan Do

February 26th, 2008

Oh boy–Hillary with an important statement:

We do not want to be disenfranchising Michigan and Florida. We have to try to carry both of those states. I’d love to carry Texas, but it’s usually not in the electoral calculation for the Democratic nominee. Florida and Michigan are.

When Hillary was way ahead in Texas, Texas was make-or-break. The states that went for Obama “didn’t matter.” Now that Texas seems to be going for Obama, Texas no longer matters.

But the more significant thing here is that Hillary is embarking on a dangerous gambit here: she said she’s going to fight for Florida and Michigan, as they originally voted, to be counted at the party convention, without a re-do caucus as the party insists:

Interviewer: So your intention is to press this issue?

Clinton: Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

That’s a bit worrying. I suppose the $64 question is, how hard will she push? If she’s just talking about stressing it but not taking any action if she’s turned down, then we’re okay. But that doesn’t sound like Hillary; knowing her, she’ll go to fairly extreme lengths to get this done if it means the difference between winning and losing.

And maybe some people would say, “great, we need a fighter.” But we need someone who will fight for the party, not within it; someone who will fight within the rules, and not against them for personal gain. If Clinton seriously tries to defy the party, to violate the clearly-stated rules, and to shut down any chance for a caucus (which has recent precedents), then she could create a huge divide in the party and start a major war within the ranks.

That would be selfish, probably futile, and I would even say extremely stupid. I hope she’s just posturing, and doesn’t go beyond any damaging point. But I doubt it.

Hat tip to Kos.

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  1. Stuart
    February 27th, 2008 at 06:14 | #1

    That’s crazy. I figure she might pull it, but it’s still crazy. The DNC already ruled that Michigan and Florida wouldn’t get their delegates, and nobody but Hillary was on the Michigan ballot because of that — which wouldn’t have happened if Michigan hadn’t broken the rules and lost their delegates already — so the election results are already skewed in that state to favor Hillary.

  2. Tim Kane
    February 27th, 2008 at 07:58 | #2

    She put the “demo” in democrat.

    Demo as in demolition.

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