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Vista Prices “Slashed”

March 1st, 2008

That’s right, Microsoft is taking the rather surprising course of reducing the price of their Chrome-Plated Turd™ by 15 to 20%. That brings Vista Home Premium down to $130, coincidentally the same price as Leopard.

So, why are they doing this? The quote:

We have observed market behavior … that suggests an opportunity to expand Windows standalone sales to other segments of the consumer market.

In short, they think they will sell more if they lower the price. Genius!

I have a different explanation: Vista sales suck big hairy donkey balls. Just take a look: after 13 months on the market, Vista has all of a 13% share of the market. That’s a 1% market share increase per month. They plan to release the next version of Windows in late 2009; presuming a December release, Vista should have just over a third of the market by that time. Which is rather pathetic, as I observed before–especially since most people who buy computers simply accept Vista by default. If people were offered a choice at every purchase, then we’d probably see Vista sales at half of what they are now.

All this explains a bit better why Microsoft is reducing their prices–but I really don’t think it’ll help. If Vista market share explodes after this, or even grows somewhat more rapidly, I will be surprised (unless it happens because MS stops selling XP at all). People are not shunning Vista because it costs $30 more than they wanted to pay. They are shunning it because it’s bloated, buggy, does not add all that much functionality, is loaded with DRM and other anti-consumer “features,” and requires too many people to buy all-new computers (or spend money on pricey upgrades) in order to run it halfway decently. Call me crazy, but I don’t think people will overlook all of those negatives for a thirty-dollar discount. Vista will most likely continue to increase only as fast as Microsoft can force people to buy it with new computer purchases.

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  1. Kenzo
    March 2nd, 2008 at 05:41 | #1

    I know Vista a little bit, but Leopard sounds much nicer and stronger. I will live with XP until MS ends its support for XP even if Vista gets easier to buy, because I have figured out nothing special to upgrade so far.

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