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Media Silence on McCain Violating Federal Law

March 6th, 2008

Do a Google News search on “McCain FEC” and look at the results. In the past two days, there has not been even one story from a non-biased U.S. media source about McCain and the fact that he is now in clear violation of federal election laws. Not one. You have to go back to March 3rd to find one, and that’s an LA Times piece that calls the story “a debate that only law students could enjoy.” Excuse me? The Republican nominee for president violating a law that could net him five years in federal prison?

McCain is Mr. Campaign Finance Reform, Mr. I’m Squeaky Clean, Mr. Anti-Corruption; and yet here he sits, surrounded by lobbyists, with a string of hard evidence showing that he has interceded on their behalf in governmental affairs on multiple occasions, and now he’s flipping off the FEC and saying that he can do whatever the hell he wants. McCain doesn’t like the restrictions imposed by the FEC, and the FEC chairman says he can’t withdraw? No problem: I’ll wave my magic wand–poof! I’m no longer bound by FEC rules!

Meanwhile, Obama gets steamrolled by the press on the NAFTA thing because–supposedly–it shows that his actions don’t live up to his words. Come again?

Instead, all we get is feel-good stories about McCain. The Liberal Media™ rides again!

  1. Tim Kane
    March 6th, 2008 at 20:50 | #1

    Things have taken an ugly turn for the worse for Obama.

    It looks like he’s going to have to shift his weight. Hillary has done her best to turn this into a street fight.

    Amazing. A little over a month ago I defended Hillary in public while getting a haircut. Everyone there was bad mouthing her beyond belief and I stood up for her. Now, I really regret that.

    The things I see coming out of her campaign have made my jaw drop: the Jesse Jackson comment, the Somali uniform picture, the not a Muslim as far as I can tell comment, and now this (http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/3/5/131156/5021/187/469677) – making Obama look “blacker” and then lying about it.

    You know, one moment she’s crying and sucking up the tears, and claiming her feelings have been hurt, the next minute she’s carving up people with a chainsaw.

    Hillary reminds me of what Churchill once said about the Germans: they are either at your feet or at your throat.

    Like what happened when Bush ran in 2000. If you vote for someone who campaigns like a street thug you are going to get a President who acts like a street thug.

    Increasingly, Hillary is the new W.

  2. SP
    March 7th, 2008 at 11:17 | #2

    I used to also feel fond of Clinton`s ideas too, and there was even a moment when after I voted for Obama in the primary that I felt like I had made a mistake perhaps. But after the recent attempts by her campaign to use a combination of racial and cultural lies to try and make him appear like something he is not, I had enough of it.

    I will not pretend that Obama is somehow someone with absolutel no lobbyist connections, because let`s face it, he does. The only clean senators are those like Kucinnich and other small very independent minded politicans who make it a fact of life to not get into the political and financial deals that most prominent and powerful senators do. But I do think that he has much less lobbyist connections, and that Clinton`s legacy is one entrenched in political mud to the extent it will undoubtedly come out at one point or another. But most of all, can one trust someone who voted for that absurd war in Iraq when this country has hardly enough money to even fix its own roads and bridges? Cities like Boston are tragic when it comes to the conditions of its infrastructure…. We do not have the money for long term foreign adventures when our nation needs nation building all over.

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