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McCain Store Fun

June 12th, 2008

A few days back I posted on the McCain Store and Golf Gear, but apparently there is a lot more going on there, so much so that Obama supporters are watching the site as a new entertainment venue.

First, there was the Golf Gear, which, as I mentioned before, came across as white and elitist. But then McCain actually started allowing people to post reviews of the gear, Amazon.com-style. You can guess what happened:


They finally wised up and shut down comments.

But now, there’s even more fun at the site: McCain has branched out his sports line and is selling nautical gear. Presumably because nothing helps steer you away from the elitist white guy image better than yachting.

But it gets funnier: his modestly-priced $200 nautical lapel pin shows three nautical flags, which, in order, mean:


“On Fire, Keep Clear; Engines Going Astern; I Am Stopped.”

I will leave it to you to make the obvious connections.

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