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Leaked SoftBank iPhone Pamphlet?

June 20th, 2008

The blog “iPhone in Japan” released these images today:

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These images are reduced; right-click on each one and select “Open image in new tab.” I can’t imagine that this is a fake; I would only have to find out if it weren’t already released to the public instead of being “leaked” material.

Basically, it’s an informational pamphlet for SoftBank staff to explain the iPhone to customers. I don’t know if this means they’ll be getting in display models, though I can check that out. I’ll drop by the Ikebukuro store on my way in to work and see if they have these sheets and/or display phones.

There’s not too much to glean from it. It shows that SoftBank will have Visual Voicemail–that was not a guarantee, some countries’ carriers don’t support it, or so I’d heard. Nice to know we’ll be getting it. But other than that, it just seems like a straightforward informational blurb with information gathered from Apple and other sources.

It is funny, though, that on page three they show an illustration of the iPhone to show how one uses it–and the iPhone shown is a pre-3G model.

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