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Using WordPress for iPhone

July 23rd, 2008

Org-IphonebuttonIt seems to work just fine; the last three posts were made using the iPhone. You can easily sign in to your blog, get the last x-number of posts (default is 30), edit posts, and make new ones. When you make a new one, you enter the title, decide a category and tags, and then tap out the post. You add pictures from the library or by snapping a photo on the spot, adding as many photos as you like.

Down points: typing in HTML commands is laborious because of all the special characters, like angled brackets; however, you can type those in first, then add the text part using the loupe tool.

Photo preview leaves something to be desired; you can’t pinch or rotate to see the whole image before posting it, you only get a general idea unless the image is naturally in portrait mode, and even then you can’t zoom for detail from within the app. Not can you crop the image, which is a big problem as the iPhone camera doesn’t zoom.

When you add photos, you can’t place them where you want them–they get tacked on to the end of the post. This can be worked around by posting the images first, then editing the post (which has the HTML for the images), placing text around the images. When editing, you can add more photos (only to the new end of the post).

The images are of a pre-set size, 300 pixels wide in landscape mode. The workaround: the actual image is 640 x 480, and you can post-edit to change the image size relatively easily.

You also have to have your images placed in the default location–I had mine place in a special location, and the images did not appear in my first tests.

All of these are relatively minor nits, and as stated, most have relatively easy workarounds. As you could see from the most recent post before this one, I was able to liveblog pretty handily, and it worked just fine. This is also version-1 software, so there are bound to be several rough spots. So overall, I would say this is pretty nice software, and I’ll use it fairly often. Expect me to blog on the road a lot more from now on.

Future feature needs: a menu to insert HTML commands, better image management (cropping and choice of image size would be big improvements), and access to comments.

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  1. ykw
    July 25th, 2008 at 01:16 | #1

    I wonder how average typing speed compares with the different devices?

    * blackberry w/ one finger at a time
    * regular cell phone w/ numeric keypad
    * regular computer keyboard
    * iPhone

    Also,can one attach a foldup full keyboard to the iPhone? That would be nice for typing !

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