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Where’s the Disgust at the Outrage?

July 28th, 2008

I’m still pretty blind to media focus in some ways back in the U.S. in that if it’s not highlighted in media coverage or part of the shows I’m catching on podcast, I don’t often see it; could someone tell me, what is the general reaction to McCain’s petty whining about Obama’s trip, especially in regards to the latest series of vicious attacks claiming Obama only visits troops if there are cameras around?

It’s been made pretty clear that Obama canceled the trip because Pentagon officials told his campaign that not only were reporters and cameras unwelcome, but that no visit could be allowed if campaign staff were present, and Obama decided that the visit would just look too much like a campaign event whether cameras were present or not. It has also been made clear that Obama has made several visits to wounded soldiers without cameras (like he did quietly just a month ago, with the most recent visit being the day before in Baghdad), and that McCain has canceled similar visits for similar reasons, just as recently as April (“We follow the rules” was a good enough excuse when he did it).

And yet McCain continues to run slimy attack ads claiming that Obama only wanted to use the troops as a PR backdrop, as if he doesn’t give a damn about the troops (tell us again, McCain, about how you fought tooth and nail to kill the new G.I. bill because it was “too generous”?). This after repeatedly claiming that Obama wanted to lose the Iraq War in order to win the campaign, just one step short of calling Obama a traitor outright.

Now, we all have seen unmistakable proof that the media is actively covering for McCain, but really–how far does McCain have to go, how outrageous do his lies and attacks have to become before enough dissent filters through the media wall protecting him to make an impact on public perception?

Also, why hasn’t the media focused on the fact that McCain’s campaign has been strongly negative since day one? They usually make a big deal of such things, but not this time, for some strange reason….

And though it could be the boost from Obama’s overseas trip, maybe it could be McCain’s implosion which has caused Obama to shoot ahead in the daily tracking polls.

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