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Welcome to the 21st Century

September 4th, 2008

This is in most of the Japan-related web sites, but in case some of you don’t read those, this should be of interest. A couple walking their dog in the mountains of the Izu Peninsula were horrified to see a human form bound in plastic, hair showing out of one end, feet the other. They called the police, and more than a dozen officers arrived on the scene and cordoned it off. The media arrived and took photos, and a huge story began to circulate.


Police carried the body off to the pathology lab, and set about interviewing a large number of witnesses, launching a massive investigation.

Until, that is, the pathologists unwrapped the body and found it to be a life-size, life-like sex doll. One which, they reported, showed “signs of repeated use.” They speculate that the owner didn’t want to throw it out in his usual trash–that could be embarrassing–and so dumped it in the mountains, without thinking about how that might look. Apparently, he did nothing illegal other than dumping trash where you’re not supposed to, but he cost the city quite a lot of money and embarrassment. One would imagine that they have more than enough, er, biological samples to identify the guy should they find him.

As technology improves to this point, so should certain standards–one of which is, if you absolutely have to have lifelike sex dolls, provide a means to safely dispose of them without causing quite this much commotion. Heaven knows the guys who buy these dolls probably don’t desire this kind of attention. I can only imagine the guy who owned the doll and how much he is cringing right now.

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  1. Jim
    September 6th, 2008 at 15:02 | #1

    he should have put a sodai gomi ticket on it like a toe-tag.


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