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Then There Were Four–Well, Six, Technically

February 4th, 2004

Lieberman has officially dropped out after doing no better than 11% in any of the current vote counts (the 11% being a 2nd-place showing in Delaware). Clark is hanging in there, in a dead heat for first in Oklahoma, but is placing no better than a close third elsewhere, in New Mexico. But Oklahoma is telling, as Clark was leading in the polls there; losing that state would be Perhaps Clark will stay in for another round, but it is looking more and more like he’ll be dropping out at some point.

Haven’t heard from Kucinich, but one can expect him to hang in there–and Sharpton, as I speak, is giving a rather upbeat speech about having beaten Dean, Clark, Lieberman and Kucinich. Those claims are rather enlarged, considering that coming in third in South Carolina (10% is barely the “double-digits” he crowed about) and no better than fifth elsewhere is a dubious distinction.

Kerry is the big winner so far, clinching as many as four states, according to some news services–Delaware, Missouri and Arizona at least, with the last two being the most delegate-rich (though 0% of precincts are reporting in Arizona, I guess they must be going by exit polls). Edwards has won South Carolina, but so far that is his only victory, with Oklahoma being a possible win.

We’ll see soon. Got to get to work. But I’ll also have to blog on the Washington Post article on Bush’s National Guard service, and give a more complete rehashing of that, as Terry McAuliffe’s jab on that account has stirred things up–including a rather lame response by the Bush administration.

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