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GOP Sleaze: How Slimy and Low They Can Go?

February 6th, 2004

Well, you knew that it had to start sooner or later.

Matt Drudge, famed conservative Internet slimeball, has started spreading the rumor that Kerry had Botox injections, and as evidence, shows a series of “before” photos where Kerry has raised eyebrows or is looking upward, with the light source coming from above, and “after” photos which show Kerry with lowered eyebrows and relaxed features in direct-flash photos. Well, Gosh!

This would not be that unexpected (this is Drudge we’re talking about) save for the fact that now conservatives all over are jumping on the Botox Bandwagon, many (like Tucker Carlson on CNN yesterday) careful to phrase their comments along the lines of, “If it is revealed that he did use Botox then it will be a disaster for him.” No one that I can see, at present, is dismissing this as the wholly ludicrous, slimy and pathetic smear that it is.

Just wait until the conservative sleaze machine gets working full-force, with Bush’s $100 million-plus bankroll to back it up.

In the meantime, Bush is insisting on creating a panel, hand-picked by himself, to investigate the intelligence failures concerning the WMD that were not found in Iraq. The panel will take the place of the independent investigative committee that would have been commissioned by Congress and would have stood at least half a chance of getting to something near the truth. But a presidential panel? Forget it–it is already a foregone conclusion what they will find. Let’s not kid ourselves. Look at the Valerie Plame affair–has there been any headway there? Hardly–and administration sources have spoken off the record saying that they have effectively plowed that one under. Talk about a contrast to the Clinton years, where every unsubstantiated rumor was assigned an “independent” (i.e., Republican) counsel–the Bush administration, when forced by its outrageous misconduct into action, simply investigates itself and finds itself to have done nothing wrong.

And the sleaze just keeps on coming.

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  1. February 6th, 2004 at 12:44 | #1

    This is what happens when the same party controls the executive and Congress — they scratch each other’s backs. Of course, I don’t think we need the presidential panel or a Congressional investigation to know that Iraq wasn’t an “intelligence failure,” but propaganda and lies.

    Still, I can see how this works to Bush’s advantage (not to mention many various other officials in the administration) in that their base will remain true believers in the cause of Iraq and nobody will get a pink slip (yet).

  2. J. Frankel
    February 13th, 2004 at 23:46 | #2

    Kerry is a creep. He uses Botox and tells the good people he?s a war hero. I recently saw footage from the early 70?s where Kerry calls his ?band of brothers? rapists and warcriminals. He threw away his medals in protest against the war, so why is he now constantly alluding to his war record? He is also said to be a member of the secretive societies ?skull and Bones? and ?Church of Fandel?. Both organisations want to reduce the population on Earth from 6 billion to 2 billion in a 100 years, using the 1 child policy they use in China. I can?t believe such a guy hasn?t been investigated more thoroughly already. What does that say about our media?

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