October 5th, 2008

One of the down points about having a nice view is that sometimes you see stuff that you can’t explain, and it would take too much effort to investigate. This morning was one of those times. We heard a loudspeaker voice from outside, and when I looked over at the World Import Mart at the Sunshine City complex, I saw this:



Now, you often see lines outside Pachinko parlors, movie theaters, and comic book stores, presumably when they have some hot new game/movie/comic. This kind of thing, you never know. Some convention/trade show? Most in line seemed to be young men, many carried bags with green “SC”s written on the sides.

Ah, a mystery for the sake of not caring enough to go outside to check it out. Seriously, though, it would take like twenty minutes or more and I probably still wouldn’t care. But it still bugs you not to know.

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  1. Gray
    January 16th, 2009 at 13:10 | #1

    That’s a line for “Sunshine Creation,” an amateur comic book convention held twice a year over there (that’s probably what the “SC” on their bags stand for). They get in line as early as from five o’clock AM so that they can buy the comic book they want, which can be sold out as fast as thirty or fifteen minutes after the gates are opened.

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