Master of Unseemliness

November 22nd, 2008

You wouldn’t think that Sarah Palin could get much worse than repeatedly crowing about saying “thanks but no thanks to Congress for the Bridge to Nowhere” after it was so painfully demonstrated that she lobbied for it and then kept the money after it was killed. You’d think that she’d have a hard time topping the $150,000-plus shopping spree followed by her denial that she was involved in an inventory as she went home to do an inventory. You’d think that she could hardly be more tone-deaf than to claim that she was cleared and vindicated when a bipartisan committee found that she had abused her power, then crowed about how her own hand-picked team of cronies exonerated her. One would think it very difficult indeed to get be more politically inappropriate than to claim that proximity to Russia gave her foreign policy credentials worthy of a president, or not to be able to name a single newspaper or magazine that she read. And so on and so forth, you get the idea.

But Palin, it seems, is the gift that just keeps on giving. The Rising Star of the Republican Party had a PR event in Wasilla today as she used her powers as governor to grant full amnesty and pardon to a Turkey:

Now, this is usually an event to show how soft-hearted a political executive is, how merciful and loving they are. You know, the turkeys get to retire to a petting zoo, and the kids get to go “ooh!” and “ahh!” at the sweetness of it all.

So it probably doesn’t speak too greatly of her political acumen when she decides to treat the kiddies to her follow-up interview… in front of a pen full of turkeys with a guy slaughtering the birds over a blood-soaked killing trough. I kid you not:

Yep. That’s Sarah, just after the turkey in the background stops struggling in the slaughtering funnel, as the guy with the blood-stained trousers looks back at Palin and the camera–she says, “Certainly we’ll even invite criticism for doing this too, but at least this was fun!”

You can’t buy publicity like that. Chiefly because no one would want it.

Oh, Sarah, please run for president in 2012!

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