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Wrongly Accused, Wrongly Prosecuted

November 27th, 2008

You may remember the case of Julie Amero, the poor substitute teacher who was the victim of an incompetent IT department at her school, and even more incompetent school administrators and county prosecutors who very wrongly vilified her.

Short version of the story: her school’s IT department allowed a school computer to become infested with adware which caused porn sites to pop up on the machine. A full-time teacher logged Amero onto the machine and left, and when the porn pop-ups came, Amero did her best to stop them and keep students away from it. For her efforts, she was rewarded by the school firing her and then having the police arrest her. The school’s IT people and supposed security “experts” testified that Amero must have caused the porn to come up. However, even after real computer experts pointed out, in large numbers, that Amero was completely innocent, the school and prosecutors, in full cover-your-ass mode, kept up their prosecution, and the case–four years old now–finally ended with Amero accepting a plea deal.

She agreed to accept a misdemeanor charge or disorderly conduct, paid a $100 fine, and surrendered her teaching license. Plus, Amero has been hospitalized for health issues caused by the stress of this situation.

I know that the poor woman simply wants to put this horrendous episode behind her, but if I were her, I would hit back against these people with a whopping ginormous lawsuit. Amero was innocent, and the school and the prosecutors were extraordinarily, exceedingly, massively guilty of incompetence, wrongful prosecution, and ruining the poor woman’s life. They should not just be sued, they should be jailed as well.

  1. Dave
    November 29th, 2009 at 02:44 | #1

    “They should not just be sued, they should be jailed as well.”
    How about manslaughter for the death of her unborn child….She was pregnant when they started persicuting her!!!
    Norwich Connecticut…..should be Norwitch like the Salem witch trials
    Norwich is also home of the Norwich State hospital(closed) but don’t forget the child detention center,
    “The 89000-square-foot court and detention center will house children in pretrial procedures and includes secure space to house parents from .http://www.norwichbulletin.com/homepage/x390625869/New-Conn-juvenile-detention-center-completed..”

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