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Lucky Dreams Tonight

December 31st, 2008

If you go to sleep on January 1st, take note if you dream of Mt. Fuji; it is considered to be an auspicious sign of good fortune for the new year to come. If not Fuji, then dreaming of a hawk is the next best thing. And if not a hawk, then… an eggplant.

This is called Hatsuyume in Japanese, or the first dream of the New Year. The belief has been around for the past four centuries, with people saying that it started with Tokugawa Ieyasu (or “Lord Toranaga” to all you Shogun fans), as all three things were favored by him.

I can only presume that if you dream of a hawk eating an eggplant atop Mt. Fuji, then it’s high time to buy that lottery ticket.

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