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Honeymoon: Day 3

April 16th, 2009

Already falling behind… here’s what we did on the third day of our honeymoon. Encouraged by our experience at the Borough Market, we tried a few other markets. Neither fully measured up, but were interesting to go to. The first was Old Spitalfields (is there a good way to pronounce that name?), close to Liverpool Street Station, and which is held in a mall.


As usual, there was an abundance of very unhealthy snacks.




Somehow pork looks a little more harrowing when you can make out the full form of the animal. Not that this discourages people from eating it, else, they wouldn’t display it like this:


Sachi and I lunched at a restaurant called “Giraffe,” in part due to an inside joke. You know how sometimes when you are with another person and you see a shop or sign, you read the name aloud to make note of it. Sachi and I quickly noted how redundant and needless this often was, something that peaked with our seeing a giraffe in an ad and jokingly naming it. After that, whenever one of us spoke aloud such an obvious and easily-spotted name, the other would say, “giraffe!”


This was on the way back from Spitalfields. I presume it refers to unwashed detectives.


The answer to the mystery: what did he do after he split up with Simon?


The above we spotted while shopping down Oxford Street in Soho. The street is largely a tourist drag–tons of kitschy tourist bauble shops and currency exchange counters. But the backstreets held some nice shops, and one avenue perpendicular held a stumbled-upon gem:


Alas, it was closed, like many shops in London on the weekend.

After that, we went north to Camden Town for their market. What we found was an incredibly crowded street scene. Mostly, the market was clothing shops, and didn’t seem worth the hassle.





However, I did see one tee-shirt I almost bought. A lot of clever gag tees in London.


On the way back, we too the bus to Tottingham Court Road. Mostly because I did not want to leave London without be able to say that we rode in a double-decker bus. We were in London, for crying out loud.

As we approached our destination, I kept an eye out and say a sign for the Underground. When I saw it, we got off the bus… and soon found no station. Sachi was somewhat miffed, especially when I was unable to find the sign I had spotted. It felt like we could have been a mile from where we needed to be. But after walking a bit, I felt something was familiar, those threes along the street… and looked where I thought it would be–and yes, there was Frevds! This was a pub pointed out to us by a coworker who got his degree in London. I had staked out the pub using Google Street View, otherwise we not only would not have found the pub, we probably would have walked right past the Underground station and gotten lost. So we stepped down into the pub and had a few mulled wines.


In my opinion, more countries should serve mulled wine. Yum!


As we got back home, we noted a procession passing by St. Paul’s. After all, it was Easter Sunday.

Stpauls Proc-01

Stpauls Proc-02

That was our second to last full day in London.

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  1. Brad
    April 24th, 2009 at 21:48 | #1

    I’m fascinated at how you’ve used Google Street View to prepare yourself for this trip. I’ve barely seen the application, so your finding it so useful is quite an eye-opener. The 21st century is really roaring along, isn’t it?

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