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May 17th, 2009

If you’re using a CSS3-compliant browser (e.g., Safari or Chrome) then you may be seeing drop shadows for the blockquote panels, in addition to the font and background changes for the quotes which everyone should be seeing. Just part of a little tweaking which I hope will lead up to a blog design overhaul not too long from now. The blog theme I’ve been using for the past few years is a pretty lousy one, with half-broken comments and other problems, and now I’m dealing with the top-drawing blog post shut down by comment overload. So I am attempting to compensate, and will use a new theme eventually for the blog template, and will make a few changes in visual style.

Strangely, Firefox is not registering drop shadows. I don’t know why not–I suppose they just haven’t implemented the new CSS features yet?

One decision: I am done twisting my code into knots to satisfy Internet Explorer–any version. I will no longer test that browser at all. If you really are married to it, then this blog will start looking worse as time goes on. But I am fed up with having to dumb down the code and surrender really nice design elements, or else contort it in hideous ways just because Microsoft can’t get their act together.

Those of you still using IE version 6 may see the blog’s title with a jarring white back to it. This is because I am switching to using PNG images in the theme which have transparency; IE6 cannot handle these. Solution: upgrade. I am sorry if you don’t like hearing it, but IE6 is the worst browser ever, and barring very unusual circumstances, there is absolutely no reason to use it. Upgrade to version 7 or 8. You might like hearing this less, but even better, switch to Firefox or Safari, possibly Chrome. End of preaching.

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