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1 Down, 9,999 to Go

May 28th, 2004

Buffalo Spammer, Don’t you come home tonight…”

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  1. dveej
    May 29th, 2004 at 02:23 | #1

    Re: the Buffalo Spammer:

    >>Internet provider EarthLink Inc. won a $16.5 million judgment against Carmack last year, and EarthLink officials testified in the criminal trial as well.

    My question is: did this guy make so much money off his spamming that he could plausibly be slapped with a $16.5 million fine? How does this work? (I’m just curious; I don’t intend to do it myself.)

    If he is making so much money doing this, then it’s no wonder the news story reporting this doesn’t mention his net worth, his holdings, or how much money he is reported to have scammed off people (how would a spammer make so much money?). Reporting such facts would no doubt be an incitement to others to emulate whatever activities earned the guy all that money.


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